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12-Feb-10This week: Opening Ceremony Vancouver
11-Feb-10This week: 21st Olympic Winter Games Vancouver
07-Jan-10Duratec Benelux Trophy in Amsterdam
21-Oct-09New skating season has started
23-Feb-09This week: Dutch Skaters dominate in Zakopane
20-Feb-09This week: Roxanne van Hemert Gold on 1500 meter
19-Feb-09This week: Zakopane ready for World Championships
19-Feb-09This week: Junior World Championships Zakopane
09-Jan-09European Championships 2009

Old user messages

08-Jan-09Welcome on SpeedSkatingOnLine.info

Results on SpeedSkatingOnLine

The competition results on this website can be viewed in various ways.
1. Go to the page "Calendar". Competitions that have results are marked. Click the red check mark to go to the results page. You see an empty page with a menu of categories and events on the left side, with the following options:

  • Click a category to view all the results of that category
  • Click a distance to view all the results of that distance
  • Click a round in the submenu to view the results of that round.
  • When you have made your choice you may click "Download selection" to get the selected results as a pdf-file, ready for printing.
  • A very nice summary of all the results is shown in a new window, when you click "View Summary". By clicking the name of a skater in this window, all appearances of the selected skater in the whole competition are marked. You can see all the results of a skater in a glance.
2. Go to the page "Live". The newest competition with live results is shown. In the top of the page you may select another, older competition. The competition is displayed as a program: the events in the order in which they are skated. Every single event may be selected for viewing, either as html-page or as pdf-file. During live coverage of the competition, start lists are available as well. Depending on the facilities on site, "Live" may be live uploading of every single race, uploading several times during the day, or uploading of results at the end of every competition day. You may opt for auto-reload to view the results as soon as they are available without the need to manually refreshing the page.


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